FR | Soutenance Thèse : Perrine Vandenbroucke

 ARCHIVE: 21.01.13  

Transformation de l’unité de production agricole : d’une exploitation sectorielle à une exploitation agricole territoriale. Exploitations agricoles, agriculteurs et territoires dans les Monts du Lyonnais et en Flandre intérieure de 1970 à 2010.
Thèse de doctorat de Géographie, Aménagement, Urbanisme

FR | Séminaire : Patrimonialisation et développement en Afrique de l’Ouest

 ARCHIVE: 02.02.13  

Ce séminaire comportera les interventions de deux anthropologues:

« Le patrimoine comme ressource du développement rural. Un exemple malien », par  Anaïs Leblon, Post-doctorante Lahic


« Des objets, des lieux et leurs hommes. Invention des patrimoines et scénographie touristique (Burkina Faso), par Bertrand Royer, Docteur en Anthropologie, CREA, Lyon2.
(fichier joint)

WW | Localised Agro-Food Systems and Geographical Indications in the Face of Globalisation: the Case of Queso Chontaleño

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This study analyses a localised agro-food system producing Queso Chontaleño (QC) cheese in the Chontales Department in Nicaragua and the first effects of the Geographical Indication (GI) scheme which alters the power relations between the actors of the cheese-dairy sector within the framework of global dynamics. The first part focuses on systèmes agro-alimentaires localisés (SYAL), or localised agro-food systems, and it provides the theoretical background to the case study. The second part analyses the QC SYAL and its territorial and institutional context. It is found that GI introduces new competitive pressures that reinforce local elites at the expense of traditional QC actors and that the weak involvement of the State may prevent GIs from enhancing the development of territorialised agro-food systems. The conclusion is a recommendation to EU policymakers that promotion of GIs at the level of the WTO be accompanied by measures that can ensure stricter national legislations on GIs to protect local resources.

PT | New issue of the journal "O Segredo da Terra" dedicated to communication in the organic farming sector

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New issue of the journal

The Portuguese journal "O Segredo da Terra", specialized in organic farming, as just issued a new number (35) dedicated to communication in the organic sector. This issue includes the papers presented in the Seminar recently held at the University of Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro, Portugal, jointly organized by the Centre for Transdisciplinary Development Studies, Edibio and the Portuguese Horticulture Association. The first article presents the major conclusions of this Seminar, written by Ana Alexandra Costa, Isabel Mourão and Artur Cristóvão.  



The University of Léon, Department of Economics and Statistics, together with the University of Trás-os-Montes & Alto Douro, Center for Agro-Environmental and Biological Research, organized this research and exchange Seminar, that also involved researchers from other institutions and centers. The major topic was innovation in the localized agrifood systems. ERG SYAL was represented by Javier Sanz Canada, Alberto Baptista and Artur Cristóvão, who served as keynote speakers in the public session of the Seminar on the topic: “Los sistemas agroalimentarios locales en la Península Ibérica”.