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IT | Exposition Photos Européenne

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Exposition Photos Européenne

L'exposition s'est tenue à Parme dans le cadre du colloque international EAAE-Syal, le 27 octobre 2010. Elle a rassemblé 25 photographies d'amateurs issues de plusieurs pays d'Europe, sur le thème "Alimentaires européennes : vies, saveurs et horizons".

IT | Linking people, places and products

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Linking people, places and products

A guide for promoting quality linked to geographical origin and sustainable Geographical Indications. Promoting the links between people, places, and agrifood products can be a tool for sustainable rural development in many rural communities of the world. In fact, origin-based products show quality attributes linked to the geographical places and people as a result of specific local know how and natural resources, and over time, a collective reputation is being built, that is identified by a geographical indication (GI).