Eight ERG SYAL Countries

  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The SYAL ERG (European Research Group) was created in January 2008 after the decision adopted during the SYAL Workshop in Collecchio-Italy (12-14 November, 2007 – Parma Declaration) to promote research on LOCALISED AGRIFOOD SYSTEMS at the European level.

  • L’ERG SYAL (European Research Group) a été créée en janvier 2008 à l’issue de l’atelier sur les Syal tenu à Collecchio–Italie (12-14 décembre 2007 - Déclaration de Parme) pour promouvoir la recherche sur les Systèmes Agroalimentaires Localisés (Syal) au niveau européen.

  • A SYAL Európai Kutatócsoport (SYAL ERG) 2008 decemberében jött létre a Lokalizált Agrárélelmiszer Hálózatok (Localised Agri-food Systems) európai szint ösztönzése érdekében. Azalapokat a Pármai Nyilatkozat teremtette meg, amelyet 2007. november 12-14-én fogadtak el a jelenlév k egy SYAL munkaülés keretében.

  • Il Gruppo di Ricerca Europeo (ERG) SYAL è stato istituito nel gennaio del 2008 a seguito della decisione adottata durante il workshop SYAL, svoltosi a Collecchio, in Italia, dal 12 al 14 novembre 2007 (”Dichiarazione di Parma”) di promuovere la ricerca sui SISTEMI LOCALI AGROALIMENTARI a livello europeo.

  • O Grupo de Investigação Europeu (GER) SYAL foi criado em Janeiro de 2008, após decisão adoptada no Workshop SYAL em Collecchio – Itália (12 a 14 de Dezembro de 2007 – Declaração de Parma), para promover a investigação sobre SISTEMAS ALIMENTARES LOCALIZADOS na Europa.

WW | 7th International Conference on Localized Agri-food Systems: Challenges for the new rurality in a changing world

 ARCHIVE: 08.05.16  

The European Research Group SYAL, the REDSIAL (Latin American Network on Localised Agri-food Systems) the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientist NJF, and Södertörn University welcomes you to the 7th conference on localized agri-food systems. The conference will be organized by Södertörn University, NJF, ERG SYAL and REDSIAL, and held in Stockholm the 8-10 of May 2016.

During the last decades, Localized agri-food systems (SYAL) have become increasingly important as tools for farmers, rural firms and consumers to meet market challenges and satisfy the rising demand for “food with a farmers face”. The potential contribution of localized agri-food systems to rural development by promoting economic development, social cohesion and counter-acting the demographic impact of agricultural modernization has also increased their political relevance. Previous research has addressed various aspects of the relationship between SYAL and geographical indications, as well as territorial, organizational and cultural issues, but there are still many unanswered questions and theoretical gaps to fill.

We welcome all topics related to the new rurality and localized agri-food systems.

The conference is conducted with financial and academic sponsorship from the Center for Baltic and Eastern European Studies CBEES, ENTER forum and Södertörn University.

ES | V International Congress of Agroecology and Organic Agriculture

 ARCHIVE: 26.06.14  

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Forum Geneva 2013 Origin, Diversity and Territories

 ARCHIVE: 19.11.13  

All information about objectives, content and practical issues are available here

Draft Programm coming soon, based on intentions of contributions, which are very welcome until Sept. 15. A few lines about what experience and research results you wish share with the audience are very welcome.