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PT | Int. Congress on Promotion of Traditional Food Products


Tags: agri-food system, rural, Terroir

All European countries have cultural traditions associated with food and traditional products. Considering that traditional products have an important role on the European culture, identity and heritage, the organizing committee of this International Congress of Traditional Products aims to present to all participants a series of experiences from different countries all around Europe.

With the participation of Andrea Marescotti (Erg Syal Italy) and Artur Cristovao (Erg Syal Portugal)

Nowadays, it is essential to consider and reflect about the valorization of lands and traditional products. In this sense, the organizing committee aim that this international could be a forum for sharing and reflection regarding to:

•Improve the opportunities for cooperation and networking of the scientific community of the EU, considering some issues such as agriculture, biotechnology, environment, food technology, nutrition and other areas involved;
•Involve all stakeholders in research, in order to certify that the the implementation of scientific results, will contribute so far for the competitiveness of SMEs in the global market;
•Develop and promote high standards of food safety, and also improve food quality through innovative processes and bioprocesses, enabling the balanced and sustainable use of raw materials;
•Contribute for both, food and agriculture industry, be competitive and multifunctional, promoting rural development;
•Contribute to a better integration between tourism activity in rural areas and enogastronomic activity, as a way of promoting local and traditional products.

Event Informations

  • 03 May 2012 to 05 May 2012
  • Ponte de Lima | Portugal
  • [Website]

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