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WW | 7th International Conference on Localized Agri-food Systems: Challenges for the new rurality in a changing world

 ARCHIVE: 08.05.16  

The European Research Group SYAL, the REDSIAL (Latin American Network on Localised Agri-food Systems) the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientist NJF, and Södertörn University welcomes you to the 7th conference on localized agri-food systems. The conference will be organized by Södertörn University, NJF, ERG SYAL and REDSIAL, and held in Stockholm the 8-10 of May 2016.

During the last decades, Localized agri-food systems (SYAL) have become increasingly important as tools for farmers, rural firms and consumers to meet market challenges and satisfy the rising demand for “food with a farmers face”. The potential contribution of localized agri-food systems to rural development by promoting economic development, social cohesion and counter-acting the demographic impact of agricultural modernization has also increased their political relevance. Previous research has addressed various aspects of the relationship between SYAL and geographical indications, as well as territorial, organizational and cultural issues, but there are still many unanswered questions and theoretical gaps to fill.

We welcome all topics related to the new rurality and localized agri-food systems.

The conference is conducted with financial and academic sponsorship from the Center for Baltic and Eastern European Studies CBEES, ENTER forum and Södertörn University.

PT | La Innovacion en el sector Agroalimentario Euroregional Galicia-Norte de Portugal

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La Innovacion en el sector Agroalimentario Euroregional Galicia-Norte de Portugal

Esta publicaçõa apresenta os resultados de um trabalho de investigação euroregional, numa perspectiva multidisciplinar, realizado no ambito do Projecto REAL, financiado pelo POCTEP. Com esta publicação atingem-se dois objectivos, permite-se conhecer a actual oferta tecnológica no sector agro-alimentar e, por outro lado, evidenciar quals são as linhas de investigação que actualmente são identificadas pelas empresas agri-alimentares como prioritárias.