WW | Convocatoria I Congreso Virtual de la Red Sial Argentina 2012

Convocatoria I Congreso Virtual de la Red Sial Argentina 2012
 ARCHIVE: 29.06.12  

La idea surge a partir de la postergación del congreso internacional sobre enfoque Sial en Florianópolis, Brasil.

El objetivo es entonces posibilitar un intercambio entre los miembros de nuestra Red sobre los avances de la aplicación de este enfoque en proyectos de investigación-intervención.




The debate on the valorisation of traditional and artisanal food has been receiving increased attention recently. While there is growing consumer demand for natural, artisanal and unique foods, simultaneously, there is a significant discussion about the criteria used to assess these products which, given their singularity, can compromise their features if they are evaluated according to the same criteria which regulate industrial food production This research was conducted taking into account this context. For the development of this study, Serrano Cheese was taken as the object of research; this is a handmade traditional cheese made from raw milk and produced in Campos de Cima da Serra, a region located in the northeast area of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil. Empirical data were obtained from ethnographic research which prioritised information especially from producers and consumers but also from technicians and cheese sellers. The data analysis provided elements to discuss the relationship between producers’ lifestyles and cheese production; and to capture the practices, meanings and logics associated with the production and with the equipment, the tools and the raw milk employed in the production of the cheese. Regarding the consumption of Serrano Cheese, the study discusses the risk perceptions of local inhabitants in relation to the product, and the channels through which the cheeses are sold, usually based on the reputation of the producers and on close relationships. Changes in progress in the region, to varying degrees, have been resulting in alterations in the production methods, which can even affect the maintenance of those characteristics which make Serrano Cheese unique. By evidencing the significance of the knowledge legitimation employed in traditional food production, this study aims to contribute towards the enhancement and protection of this sort of production, which in turn is associated not only with the income maintenance but also with the safeguarding of the production methods and the lifestyle of producer families.

Keywords: Traditional knowledge. Raw milk cheese. Risk perceptions. Intangible cultural heritage. Peasantry. Consumption.

PT | NEW BOOK: Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic

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NEW BOOK: Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic


Farming Systems Research has three core characteristics: it builds on systems thinking, it depends on the close collaboration between social and biophysical sciences, and it relies on participation to build co-learning processes. Farming Systems Research posits that to contribute towards sustainable rural development, both interdisciplinary collaborations and local actor engagement are needed. Together, they allow for changes in understanding and changes in practices.
This book gives an overview of the insights generated in 20 years of Farming Systems Research. It retraces the emergence and development of Farming Systems Research in Europe, summarises the state-of-the-art for key areas, and provides an outlook on new explorations, especially those tackling the dynamic nature of farming systems and their interaction with the natural environment and the context of action.
We hope this book will serve as an inspiration for all those who seek an alternative approach to research in farming and rural development. One that builds on the reflexivity of researchers, one that takes the role of human subjectivities and perceptions seriously, one that gives voice to farmers, one that emphasises participation and co-learning processes, one that focuses on interactions between the elements, one that allows to capture interdependencies and their dynamics.
There is no doubt that Farming Systems Research has much to offer to answer the challenges faced by rural areas in the current turbulent and uncertain times. The book is thus aimed at practitioners, at graduate students and at researchers who seek new inspiration outside the mainstream, who take into account the ethical dimension of their work, and who seek encouragement to deepen their reflexivity about the meaning of professional practice and about their approach to research.


PT | EVALUATION OF PROVE - Avaliação do Projecto de Cooperação Interterritorial — PROVE — PROMOVER E VENDER

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EVALUATION OF PROVE - Avaliação do Projecto de Cooperação Interterritorial — PROVE — PROMOVER E VENDER

A team of researchers, including member of UTAD and Technical University of Lisbon, have just concluded a study of the Project PROVE- Promote and Sell, supported by the Portuguese Leader network, a direct/proximity selling experience, through baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables, having as objectives: to support producers in the promotion and marketing of their products; to ensure the freshness and quality of the products; and to strengthen the ties between rural and urban communities. The study analyzed the contribution of this project to sustainable development and maintenance of local territorial dynamics and researched the perspectives of producers, consumers and local development actors in different regions of Portugal. The results show that farmers increased the area and diversified the production, and improved marketing conditions and household income.


 ARCHIVE: 03.06.12  

O que precisamos discutir sobre o mundo rural? Quais são os desafios para as políticas públicas? Como tem se dado as relações de trabalho no campo? E os conflitos decorrentes da ambientalização no Brasil? Estas e outras questões serão desenvolvidas nesta 5ª edição do Encontro.

O tema Desenvolvimento, Ruralidades e Ambientalização: atores e paradigmas em conflito traz uma série de desafios, como propor novas lógicas, para além do viés meramente econômico. Para o professor Gutemberg Guerra, membro da Rede e coordenador do evento, é preciso reconhecer “que estamos em um momento de inflexão das formas de pensar a relação do homem com a natureza, implicando, portanto, na necessidade de se repensar e praticar outras formas de desenvolvimento considerando os impactos socioambientais”. Sociólogos, antropólogos, cientistas políticos, juristas, geógrafos, economistas, movimentos sociais, entre outros, dividirão suas inquietações com o intuito de apontar novos caminhos para o desenvolvimento rural.

PT | XIII World Congress of Rural Sociology

 ARCHIVE: 29.07.12  

W8. Local Food Products and Conflicts Around Quality Construction

In a period of globalization, consumers’ concerns have been growing and many initiatives for promoting sustainable and localised food systems have emerged. These initiatives, occurring all over the world, advocate the importance of linking territory, culture and food, and of promoting food quality and sustainable consumption. In this context, quality construction processes became important: they not only create opportunities for interaction among producers, consumers and others food chain actors, but also pave the way for debate, conflict and negotiation. For instance, a debate about quality itself leads to a discussion of traditional food practices, the relationship between quality and territorial identity, current and alternative certification frameworks and procedures, and the impact of the search for food quality practices on rural development. The session invites papers at both the theoretical (theories and concepts for analysing localised food systems and conflicts over quality construction) and practical level (case studies exploring approaches in different socio-cultural, economic and institutional contexts). In particular, papers with an interdisciplinary perspective and looking at European and Latin American countries are welcome.

PT | La Innovacion en el sector Agroalimentario Euroregional Galicia-Norte de Portugal

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La Innovacion en el sector Agroalimentario Euroregional Galicia-Norte de Portugal

Esta publicaçõa apresenta os resultados de um trabalho de investigação euroregional, numa perspectiva multidisciplinar, realizado no ambito do Projecto REAL, financiado pelo POCTEP. Com esta publicação atingem-se dois objectivos, permite-se conhecer a actual oferta tecnológica no sector agro-alimentar e, por outro lado, evidenciar quals são as linhas de investigação que actualmente são identificadas pelas empresas agri-alimentares como prioritárias. 

PT | Quality: A multi and interdisciplinary perspective

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Quality: A multi and interdisciplinary perspective

The Journal TMQ QUALIDADE, Number 2, 2011, published in Portugal by SÍLABO Editions has just issued a number on "Quality: A multi and interdisciplinary perspective". This number, edited by Raquel Lucas, Margarida Saraiva and Álvaro Rosa, includes a selection of articles on quality agrifood products form Argentina, Portugal and Spain.  Manuel Luís Tibério and Artur Cristóvão, members or ERG SYAL,  contributed with an article on "Qualified traditional agrifood products: quality definition in actor networks".